About Hunter Vincent

Steve Vincent’s 8 year old son Hunter became an angel in 2009.  Hunter had a disease called viral myocarditis. For Hunter, it was an undetectable disease that he was born with; it only affects one in a million children. Viral myocarditis is a virus that stays in the inner lining of your heart and when it attacks, the heart stops and nothing can re-start it. At the time the disease struck, Hunter was swimming with the Cub Scouts; his Pack was Pack 3024 from Bonduel. Hunter meant the world to his family and those who knew him. In an effort to keep his memory alive and continue to help others, Hunter’s New Beginnings was formed.

Hunter Vincent, An 8-year old little boy who was happy beyond words, wise beyond his years, and loving beyond explanation. A hug from Hunter wasn’t just a hug. It was a gift. So was that extra kiss he blew your way to “put in your pocket for later.” His hugs and kisses lifted even the lowest of spirits and comforted even the most troubled hearts. In his short, short life, Hunter lived fully and loved openly. Even as a child, he was a role model – to his fellow classmates and Cub Scouts, his teachers and Cub Leaders, his family, and everyone else who had the pleasure of knowing him. It only took a moment to realize the beacon of light, and life that was Hunter Vincent, a beacon that continues to shine in our hearts, our minds and our souls.